Leg Cricket Federation, India (Regd.)

Registered India Under Society Registration Act. 1860. Member of International Leg Cricket Council & School Sports and Cultural Activities Federation

annual general meeting- 2016-17  of LEG CRICKET FEDERATION, INDIA ON 21ST MAY, 2016 AT MATHURA, U.P. 

New appointment

1.    Secretary/Working Secretary, India

2.   Regional Secretary, North, South, East & West India regional Secretary.

3.   Technical Secretary, India

4.   Organizing Secretary, India

5.   Office Secretary, India

6.   Tournament Director for the year 2016-17

(*proposed names for these posts are 1. Devraj from Jharkhand,  2.  Lalit Manhas from Jammu   3.  Pawn Kumar from Delhi   4.  Parbu from Tamilnadu.   5.  Vikas Rapariya From Haryana    6  Tejesh Chaudhary  from Mathura, U.P.    7.   Munesh Kumar Uttar Pardesh,   


Change in State Secretaries.

1.      It was found that some state secretary neither organizing state and district secretaries nor sending their teams in Leg cricket national championship.  As a result fresh joining of state secretaries will be made.

2.     New State Secretaries will be nominated and appointed for the following states:  Himachal Paredesh,  Punjab,  Chandigarh,  Purvanchal,  Uttarakhand,  Bihar,  Delhi NCR,  Rajasthan,  Vidarbha,  Puducherry, Andhra Pardesh,  Telengana,  Kerela, West Bengal, Goa and Karnataka   


Changes In Leg Cricket Championship:

1.     Organizing of Leg Cricket Federation Cup/Federation cup.

2.     Annual Regional Cup:  North, South, East and West Indian Leg Cricket Cup.

3.    Organizing of Senior and Junior Leg Cricket Championship under the banner of Leg Cricket Federation, India

4.    Organizing Junior and Senior Leg Cricket Championship under the banner of SSCAF India. 

5.    Organizing Senior or open Leg Cricket Championship under the banner of "Indian Rural Olympic Association"


Sports Calendar for 2017-18.

1.    5th Senior National T-10 Leg Cricket Championship (League cum knock out) May, 2016

2.    5th Junior National T-10 Leg Cricket Championship (League cum knock out)  October. 

3.    SSCAF School National Games  (Senior) July 2016. 

4.    Indian Rural Olympic Games.  Leg Cricket open national Championship) May, 2016

5.     Indian Leg Cricket League  (Open age group)

6.     3rd Indo-Nepal T-10 Leg Cricket Series. August 2015

7.     3rd Indo Bhutan T-10 Leg Cricket Series.  Oct. 2015